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Everyone has their favorite pet. Almost every kids has had a gerbil, rabbit, dog, cat, bird, turtle and many more. I had a dog that looked very similar to this cute little puppy! Isn’t she so cute?!

She loves to climb! She’s even jumped into the wheelbarrow. Her personality is so sweet too and loves to be where “mom” is.



puppyThis one had an excited and loving personality too.

She loved to chase things and be where her family was. She would chase lizards and mice when they came into her territory.






aahhniceandsoft2This girl was stubborn and very sweet at the same time. I love Siberian Huskies!

She loved to be where we were and eat raw bones. If she had a choice, she would choose meat and coconut over dog food. There’s been a couple times she caught a wild rabbit.

She didn’t like bath time though but she did like rolling on the bath towel to dry off!



100_4823She is so adorable! I saw this pose and just had to take a pic!  We got her as a kitten and have had her for many years now. She’s an indoor cat because of the dogs. She loves sleeping with my daughter and always lets us know when she’s hungry. She gets our attention by either meowing loudly or pawing at us till we get her food. We feed her adult cat food now and sometimes eggs or tuna.

She has a harness instead of a collar for going outside because she kept slipping out of the collar.



GoldieThis one is Cute and adventurous!!! She loves to chase lizards and mice. And she is a very good guard dog.